Zvizzer / Swissvax

Zvizzer is a brand that provides a reliable polishing system consisting of extremely efficient pastes and high-quality pads, including the revolutionary THERMO PAD'Z, offering unprecedented cutting properties and above-average durability.

The brand's motto is TIME IS ON YOUR SIDE, and the products are designed to speed up work as much as possible while maintaining excellent results. The second important idea is LESS CUT IS BETTER, i.e. promoting the approach of removing the thinnest possible layer of varnish during polishing. Zvizzer is taking the detailing and painting market by storm, leading in the latest technologies and promoting a revolutionary approach to polishing.

Swissvax offers luxury care products that are loved by car enthusiasts around the world. SWISSAX is also a favored company among premium car manufacturers who commission the development and production of the highest quality care products dedicated to their brand.

To this day, the iconic Swissvax waxes are made exclusively by hand in a small factory in Switzerland and filled there, jar by jar. Complex recipes do not allow for industrial production, and the owners do not accept any compromises in this case!