Funky Witch

Funky Witch was founded in 2016. It was born out of passion for motoring. The primary goal was to provide products of the highest quality. Therefore, choosing the right components turned out to be quite a problem. The search in Poland yielded no results. I started searching outside the country. Initially, I started cooperation with a Japanese manufacturer of car chemicals. The preparations, which came from the land of cherry blossoms, were tested by famous users of the largest industry forum in Poland - Kosmetyka Aut. Unfortunately, satisfactory results were not achieved here either.

At the same time, I was looking for a supplier of accessories, primarily microfibers. As in the case of cosmetics, the priority was the highest quality. Deliveries of testers have been arriving for 2 months. The selection took a very long time. After many attempts, three producers remained. And here the experts from the Car Cosmetics forum helped again. We chose 4 microfibers. Which gained recognition from users from the very beginning.

As often happens in life, a coincidence led me to contact a professional laboratory in the United States. Long conversations and hard work of chemists allowed the creation of the first preparations.

The next stage of work was testing. Initially, Funky Witch is a quick detailer – Botox. It is still a sales hit. The product is recognized by many enthusiasts and specialists as an example of simplicity and effectiveness. PPZ – spray, wipe, forget.

Then there was shampoo. Wash&Posh is a product with a neutral PH, a wonderful scent and amazing foam. A comprehensive preparation, so a water softener had to be a mandatory addition. Thanks to this, streaks and water spots were minimized during washing. Wash&Posh works perfectly with waxes and cleans perfectly.

After many attempts, we have developed a recipe for window cleaner. The Magic Ball had a specific purpose. It had to be tested on warm windows, it couldn't get smudged. Its purpose was to make cleaning windows, especially inside cars, easier and more enjoyable. The goal has been achieved. No smudging. Additionally, after another few months, we improved the formula, strengthening the product's potency. We have also added an ingredient that leaves a hydrophobic surface on the windows. Magic Ball quickly gained recognition among users.

The fourth Funky Witch product was APC – Blue Broom. An effective preparation for wide use. It works perfectly from the engine to the upholstery. High cleaning power is the feature that allowed Blue Broom to be successful.

Then, after 6 months of work and after many attempts, the long-awaited Funky Witch Mademoiselle appeared. Matte dressing for interior plastics. The solution proposed by the brand quickly became the benchmark for the matte effect in the industry. The preparation has gained enormous popularity.

The next important step that showed the character of the brand was wax. The product consisting of 76% natural waxes is very easy to apply. Carefully selected ingredients of the highest quality allow it to be applied even to heated elements. There are no problems with getting there. And the effect it leaves behind is defined by its name - Hypnotic Icon.

In the following months, we worked on new products. Concepts, conversations, tests. A lot of time and dedication to creating new preparations. The growing popularity of the brand allowed for more extensive planning of new solutions. The contacts gained resulted in cooperation with recognized specialists in the industry. In 2018, the Funky Witch brand expanded its offer with three new products. Tire dressing, wheel cleaner and exterior plastic dressing. Arek Kaźmierczak had a very significant contribution to the creation of these preparations. A living legend of the industry. Owner of Old School Detailing. A place where many interesting cars have undergone a spectacular metamorphosis.

At the same time, Clair-Kosmetyka Samochodowa provided assistance in developing the products. This venture has been operating continuously on the market since 1998. The owner, Paweł Witkowski, is a well-known and highly respected specialist.

In 2019, Funky Witch started cooperation with the Detailing Academy. The first professionally organized detailing school in Poland. Where new preparations are tested under the supervision of specialists.

Thanks to this, Funky Witch can offer excellent products. Simple to apply, extremely effective. Continuous development and hard work allow us to look into the future and look for new solutions for enthusiasts and specialists in the auto detailing industry.