Evoxa is a Polish brand offering polishing machines, polishing accessories and other products useful in detailing, such as HEX-System LED ceiling lighting. The offer includes 20 models of polishing machines, including those whose equivalents cannot be found in the competition, e.g. a small planetary machine with a 75 mm disc marked HDX5. The main model lines for which the brand is known are the very well-rated HDD and HDQ, which are among the most effective Dual Action machines on the market.

The latest model that is now going on sale is HDP12. It is a small, universal polishing machine with replaceable eccentrics (8 and 12 mm) and working disc sizes from 30 to 75 mm. It can also be used as a small rotation. All accessories are replaced using a quick connector. This is the first machine of this type on the market powered by 230V.

The smallest battery-operated detailing machines are represented by PIXEL, which has a brushless motor and an adjustable head that facilitates work in hard-to-reach places, e.g. with cones. Of course, it also has a micro-rotation function and Dual Action 10 mm.

The Evoxa brand also includes the Sleeker brand, which includes modern water-based polishing pastes, sponge pads and various types of fur in various sizes.

All products will be available for viewing and testing at the fair stand. We invite you!