X-colors is a dynamically developing leader in the market of colored PPF protective films, which has become a symbol of style, protection and expressiveness on the road. Inspired by the richness of colors, X-colors aims to bring the world to life by offering high-quality, colorful protective films that not only protect vehicles from damage, but also allow for individual expression and creativity.

The X-colors foil is characterized by a perfectly smooth surface, self-regenerating abilities, high strength and a thickness of 160 microns, which ensures its optimal durability and flexibility. Moreover, these products are covered by a 5-year warranty, which emphasizes their high quality. Perfect for a variety of styling projects, X-colors foils retain their intense color even when stretched, which guarantees a perfect and even appearance.

The company also offers support in foil application through access to detailed scripts and training available throughout Poland, making it easier for customers to achieve perfect results.