Ulty Nano

The Ulta Nano brand, created for the most demanding customers, provides products of the highest quality and unique end result. The key element that distinguishes Ulta Nano films is their base structure made of aliphatic TPU polyurethane. This advanced technology provides the foils with exceptional resistance to a number of external factors, such as scratches, stone impacts, unfavorable weather conditions, as well as protection against yellowing caused by UV radiation.

The innovation of Ulta Nano film is also reflected in the wide range of surface finishes. The brand's offer includes products with various degrees of finishing, from transparent glossy foils that can increase the depth of car paint by up to 40%, to matte foils with a "frozen" effect. Such differentiation allows us to meet individual customer preferences and provide them with a unique final effect, tailored to their personal expectations and needs.

Ulta Nano products, thanks to their unique properties, are a perfect solution for people who want not only to protect their vehicles against damage, but also to give them a unique character and secure their appearance for many years.