Turtle Wax

Turtle Wax is a leading global manufacturer of car cosmetics that has been setting standards in the industry for over 75 years, being synonymous with the highest quality, innovation and breakthrough technologies. The company's history begins in 1930, when Ben Hirsh developed the first batches of wax in his home bathtub. In 1944, the first bottled car wax hit the market under the name Plastone, which was renamed Turtle Wax in 1946, which also became the name of the founded company. Since then, Turtle Wax has been constantly developing its products, offering a wide range of solutions for comprehensive car care.

Key moments in the brand's history include the introduction of the first overseas manufacturing plant in England in 1966, the establishment of the industrial division in 1977 and the creation of innovative products such as ICE transparent wax in 2006. Thanks to the constant pursuit of perfection and adapting the offer to the changing needs of consumers, Turtle Wax maintains its leading position on the car cosmetics market.