Tevo Creations Poland

Tevo Creations Poland specializes in providing modern solutions for the refreshing and maintenance of various vehicles, including passenger cars and trucks, limousines, motorcycles, yachts and airplanes. The products it offers are the result of advanced designs, ecological chemistry and world-class engineering.

The company's mission is to distribute and commercialize high-quality raw materials intended for cleaning and caring for glass, aluminum and plastic surfaces, with the benefit of owners of automotive stores, car detailing studios and their clients in mind.

Tevo Creations Poland cooperates with research institutes to identify and commercialize new technologies, which allows for constant development and introduction of innovative concepts to the market. The company offers exclusive, easy-to-use, pleasant-smelling, and at the same time inexpensive, effective and ecological chemicals that are appreciated by both retail and professional customers. Tevo Creations Poland products are characterized by high efficiency, environmental friendliness and are safe for cleaned surfaces, restoring their shine and resistance to dirt.