Silco leads in innovation, reliability, knowledge, and quality. Through continuous research and development, Silco creates the most competitive products in the market, enabling its partners to achieve a high level of services and savings. The passion for developing products and services contributes to the development of the entire industry. Silco ensures the reliability of raw materials and products, offering impeccable support to its partners. Knowledge is the foundation of Silco's development, hence the company strives for its constant supplementation and growth.

Quality is Silco's promise to its partners, striving for excellence every day. The key to Silco brand success is the satisfaction of end customers, achieved through the use of the best raw materials, precise production processes, and testing of every production series. Silco develops cutting-edge materials, such as putties, primers, clear coats, thinners, which are the result of its own development and production, offering access to new, tested, productive, and cost-effective materials.