Rooks specializes in the production of tools made of high-quality alloy steel, designed to work in the most difficult industrial and service conditions. It offers a wide range of tools, including pneumatic tools, power tools, engine tools, chassis tools, service equipment, electrical installation tools, bodywork and painting tools, cabinets and tool sets, as well as sockets, pin wrenches and various types of accessories.

Rooks is a brand addressed to mechanics and automotive specialists, general mechanics, installers and construction specialists who are looking for tools that are not only durable, but also technologically sophisticated. Their products are known for innovative solutions, high technology and innovation, even in simple designs.

Rooks tools are valued for their quality and durability, making them an investment that pays off over the long term. The brand's slogan, "Profession in hand and Rooks in hand!", emphasizes its commitment to providing tools that enable specialists to provide services at the highest level.