ODK is a UK-based company specializing in luxury car care products that offer high usability, performance, and protection at realistic price points. All products are handmade and hand-poured, reflecting their exceptional quality. The brand's passion and commitment remain strong, continuously expanding its product range with a unique twist. ODK also provides manufacturing services for other brands in the automotive product industry, collaborating with a wide range of companies, from small to large businesses.

The history of ODK began in June 2012, driven by dissatisfaction with the market's existing waxes and sealants. After 12 months of rigorous development, the company created a wax that earned the admiration of Dodo Juice. ODK was launched in October 2013, and its products, such as Chocwork Orange and Mr Skittles, quickly gained popularity. The company's journey and development are well-documented and celebrated on the Detailing World forum.