Moje Auto Detailer

Moje Auto is a renowned Polish brand specializing in the production of cosmetics and car chemicals, which debuted on the market in 2004. Over the years of its operation, the company has gained the status of a leader in the industry, offering a wide range of products for the care and protection of vehicles. Moje Auto's offer includes, among others: specialized car cosmetics, wipes, accessories, as well as fragrances for vehicle interiors. The brand is known for the use of modern technologies, including nanotechnology, which allows it to offer products with unique antibacterial, antifungal and antistatic properties.

Moje Auto enjoys recognition both among consumers and in industry publications, thanks to the constant striving to improve the quality of its products. Cooperation with famous personalities, such as journalist Martyna Wojciechowska or rally racer Kajetan Kajetanowicz, additionally strengthens the brand's image as an expert in the field of car care.