Mastik Group

The Mastik company, founded over a decade ago, comes from a passion for painting, which over time turned into a professional activity. Initially operating in a garage, Mastik quickly evolved, opening its first mixing room with a connected store in Wola in 2009. Just a year later, the company expanded its services by purchasing a paint booth and operating as Mastik Car Service.

In 2012, Mastik established cooperation with the renowned Spies Hecker brand, becoming its Trade Partner, which was a significant step in the company's development. Mastik's development has progressed over the years, with further investments and partnerships such as the collaboration with Gakra and the distribution of the DeBeer Refinish, Koch Chemie brands, as well as Kwasny GmbH aerosols.

As it developed, Mastik expanded its geographic operations, opening new points, such as a mixing room connected to a store in Jastrzębie-Zdrój and Bytom. The company also constantly expanded its portfolio, collaborating with brands such as Silco, ShineMate and ANI, a leader among manufacturers of paint guns and accessories.

In 2020, Mastik invested in the construction of a new warehouse and training center, which proves its desire to constantly develop and improve qualifications. The company successfully combines passion for painting with professionalism, offering high-quality products and services, and its cooperation with renowned brands over the years proves its established position on the market.