Kovax is a manufacturer and supplier of innovative abrasive materials that save work time. Kovax products are used in everything essential to our lives, from information technology to aircraft, cars, furniture, sports and leisure products. Kovax has always been researching abrasives in search of the highest quality. Going forward, we will continue to use the world's top-level technologies in the endless future, actively improve quality and develop new products, and contribute to the development of society.

Kovax has its roots in Tokyo, Japan, where the headquarters of the Kovax Corporation holding company are located. This is where all the brand's products have been produced for almost 90 years. The vast knowledge acquired over the years, combined with one of the most modern factories, allows us to deliver products that reduce working time to an absolute minimum and never cease to amaze. Since its founding in 1930, Kovax has become the undisputed number one abrasives company in Asia. In Europe, achieving 20% annual growth in a complex and highly competitive market is proof of exceptional and unrivaled Japanese quality.