KiurLab is a chemical company operating since 2021, but has been gaining experience in the detailing market since 2007. The trail was blazed by Łukasz Kordyjak, who was responsible for introducing the currently leading brand of agents for cleaning and repairing leather upholstery to Poland. Colourlock was founded in 2004 - it started with getting to know the specifics of the industry and customers, then provided products, services and training. The success was based on both practical and material science knowledge. After 8 years of building a sales and training structure, the time has come to transform from a distribution company into a production company.

In 2021, after several years of searching for a chemist as a partner, work on the first products began. A small group of testers who are considered top specialists in the detailing industry were allowed to test the products.

In March 2023, the first five KiurLab products were released.