Elite Detailer

Elite Detailer is a brand of Polish exclusive car chemicals and cosmetics, created for very demanding customers - car detailing studios and vehicle care enthusiasts.

The idea to create a brand came from a well-known manufacturer of car chemicals - ProElite, which has been creating unique recipes for 20 years. The project was soon joined by a group of detailers who run car detailing studios on a daily basis and know the needs of their clients perfectly. This is how Elite Detailer was born.

During over a year of joint work in the laboratory, we spent hundreds of hours testing products to create preparations that will satisfy even the most demanding customers. To create an innovative series of chemicals and car cosmetics, we use raw materials and components from the largest, renowned manufacturers in the world.

Each of the products we give you is the result of this unique cooperation between experts, long-time practitioners and true detailing enthusiasts.