Clif Designs

Trader Grupe is a pioneer in the field of innovative solutions for the automotive industry, providing the highest quality products. We proudly manage the distribution of three excellent brands dedicated to the car detailing sector.

As a distributor of the Clif Designs brand - the best protective and PPF protective films on the Polish market, we supply high-quality products to the best detailing studios. Our PPF film provides effective protection while maintaining the aesthetics of the car. Thanks to our products, detailing studios can offer their clients comprehensive protective solutions that meet the highest standards of quality and effectiveness.

The Luminus brand offers professional solutions for car detailing that bring a new dimension to paint protection. Innovative self-healing and graphene coatings are a pioneering step in the field of paint protection, providing not only excellent protection, but also exceptional durability and attractive appearance, reflecting our passion for the perfect appearance of cars.

The X-Colors brand has become a symbol of style, protection and expressiveness on the road. Among the many ordinary vehicle wrapping products, we stand out with our mission to bring the world to life by introducing colorful PPF protective films. We specialize in the field of colored PPF protective films, but we also inspire everyone who wants to combine functionality with creativity. Our products not only protect vehicles, but enable our customers to personalize paint protection according to their styling preferences.

Thanks to the constant pursuit of innovative solutions, Trader Grupe constantly surprises the automotive industry with a wide selection of products that meet the diverse needs and expectations of even the most demanding customers.