Ceramic Pro

Ceramic Pro is a brand specializing in nanoceramic protective coating technology that has revolutionized the surface protection industry since its debut in 2010. The company initially focused on developing and testing advanced nanoceramic coatings using modern technologies of semiconductors and polymer compounds. In 2011, it introduced the Ceramic Pro line to the automotive market, including its flagship product Ceramic Pro 9H, which quickly became the quality standard in the industry. Ceramic Pro products are characterized by unique protective properties, including a hydrophobic effect, which increases their competitiveness.

Ceramic Pro has gradually expanded its portfolio with solutions for various sectors, including the maritime and oil and gas industries, as well as products intended for the maintenance and protection of surfaces such as fabrics, glass and vehicle interior elements. In 2015, the brand's distributor network was already present in 70 countries, and by 2018 this number increased to 80 countries. Ceramic Pro continues to innovate, introducing new products such as Kavaca polyurethane films and eco-friendly coatings for the marine industry.