Amtra is a dynamically developing company that was born as a Polish-American trading company. It specializes in the distribution and production of car chemicals and DIY products (Do it yourself), offering both global brands and its own, innovative solutions. These include such well-known brands as WD-40, ProSeal, STP, Wunder-Baum, Turtle Wax, Permatex, as well as own brands such as Bondini, Moje Auto, Clinex, MA Professional and Tecmaxx.

Amtra not only focuses on product development and expansion into new markets, but also takes care of social responsibility by supporting local communities and ecological initiatives. The company has an extensive logistics and production infrastructure, including modern logistics centers and production plants, which allows for effective distribution of products on a global scale. The Amtra Group, which is a collection of several companies, including Nanochem and Five Star, continues its development, striving to be a leader in the Automotive and professional chemicals industry, while cultivating values ​​such as innovation, solidarity and respect in the labor market.